The Problem

Today, enterprises seeking finance professionals face a skills gap, talent gap, and retention gap amid a shrinking mid-career talent pool. Today’s candidates search randomly and blindly for opportunities with little real understanding of employer culture or growth potential and without an advocate for their career goals.

Where are the Big Four-experienced audit, tax, and accounting professionals who want more than just the next job?  How can candidates go beyond the ‘click, upload and hope’ approach to getting the next job and instead—get the right one?

Buckingham Search is the active pipeline to connect Big Four-experienced audit, tax, and accounting people to the right career move–not just the next one.

Expertise Matters

We specialize in Accounting, Audit, Tax, and Finance professionals with additional reach to Human Resources. And it might be the difference between finding a job and finding the right job. Or finding a candidate and finding your people.






Our Approach

We care. We want to see our employers grow and the careers of our candidates soar because we know when you win, we win. And we want both groups to depend on us to dig deeper, solve problems and go further to ensure that your employment objectives are exceeded. No salesy-types. No corporate-speak. Just real people helping real people solve a unique problem of matching skilled talent to the right opportunity.