Where are the Big Four-experienced audit, tax, and accounting professionals who want more than just the next job? Where are the financial professionals that want to love where they work and believe in what their employers do?

Don’t find candidates. Find your people.

Buckingham Search is the pipeline to find your Big Four-experienced audit, tax, and accounting people.

We help enterprise employers:

We had an opening for an Internal Auditor on our team, and we saw Laci’s activity on LinkedIn and reached out to see if she would help us. Based on our conversation, they impressed us. We looked forward to meeting with Laci and Adam to discuss their backgrounds, the firm, and how they recruit top talent. During the meeting, Laci indicated that they had a strong network of talented individuals that would meet our needs. Buckingham Search focuses on “quality over quantity”. Since Laci and Adam were personable, committed to helping us, and appeared hungry to prove themselves, we decided to give them a chance. Laci was one of the few recruiters that we worked with that was able to provide talented candidates (on a timely and continuous basis). If a candidate wasn’t a good fit, she would try to understand what we didn’t like or the skill that the candidate was missing (so she wouldn’t send the same type of candidates). Laci is definitely focused on making sure the candidate is a good fit for our company (and the candidate wants to be at Signode). Working with Laci has made the hiring process easier and generated positive results. If your company is looking for top talent, Buckingham Search can help you find it.